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  1. Perry Ferrell commanded the stage, crowd and venue last night with an intensity that I've rarely, perhaps never, seen. These guys delivered the goods in a major way. A must see tour de force. Money very well spent in Detroit Rock City - easily one of the best cities and venues to see a Rock & Roll show. Amazing what a truly gifted multimedia artist can deliver with a classic like the Fillmore...

  2. Mission Accomplished in Knoxville

    Thu, May 31, 2012 at 12:29 AM 1 Comments

    We made it to our third show in Knoxville last Friday. Below is an account of what happened to the best of my ability as reported to members of Soule-man's family. Historically I've never been a big Memorial Day guy but this Memorial Day weekend was such a fine send off for Soule-man that it has changed the way I view and fell about it forever. Thanks Perry, Dave, Stephen, Chris and crew!!!...


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