Jane's - we all made it, and boy did we celebrate!

Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 8:23 PM By: reddevil

I'm still reeling from the Jane’s performance, 24 hours after they emerged on stage at London's intimate Koko venue.
What a night! The day for me began with an overwhelming feeling of expectation and nervousness, resulting in a more than usual unproductive work day - every 5 or 10 minutes I'd glance at Dave's tweets , hoping to see any update regarding the Shows go-ahead.
By six in the Evening I began getting ready to leave my house half heartedly believing the adage that, 'no news is good news'. Travelling against the cattle throng that populate London's tube at that hour of the day, a quite feeling of confidence began building with in me that expressed itself through a thin steady smile. Any of the work weary commuters gazing upon my countenance, would have been excused for questioning my sobriety or indeed sanity. But though I’d started the evening with a few beers accompanied by a stiff chaser, I was both sane and relatively sober. The reason for my distant look and inward smile / smirk, was a profound realisation that we’d made it! WE’D MADE IT! I was in fact on my way to see one of the greatest bands of all time, and vital to this point, all parties involved were in fact still alive and well!
I’ve seen Jane’s perform about five or six times, and my all time favourite gig, can be attributed to a performance they gave over twenty years ago at the Astoria in London. Living the life that could be accompanied by a Jane’s soundtrack has meant that, unfortunately I’ve lost a few dear friends along the way - victims to the hedonism that the times demanded. Indeed, I believe rolling stone once voted Perry the most likely rock star to depart from this mortal coil, and Dave by his own admission was surprised to have made it out alive a year after the royalty checks came rolling in. But the point was, WE HAD MADE IT! As soon as I emerged from the tubes and saw the excited crowds queuing to get in to the venue, I thanked god, and wondered how I could doubt the fact that my attendance at this show was anything but inevitable.
As for the show the show itself – I found my friend that I’d agreed to meet inside and a charming young lady accompanying him, who I must admit found attractive (jane’s shows are a powerful aphrodisiac – I’ll keep you posted about any future progress there!). We ensconced ourselves to the left hand side of the hall near the front and waited patiently for the band to unveil them selves. I must admit I had to laugh – at the first opening note to whores, my now new lady friend was hurtled forward by an intense freight train crowd surge and I didn’t see hide nor hare of her until after the shows conclusion.
The mosh was good and the mosh was long. It’s been quite a while, but it sure was fun. Fortunately for me I’ve put down the pipe and the bottle and replaced those pastimes with the more salubrious pursuits of tennis every morning and weight training in the evening. I’m not so sure my peers have followed suite, so half way through the set, as they began to flag, I turned up the frenzied pogoing to eleven, until it was undeniable that I was king of the pit!
With the unveiling of two songs from the new album and just one song from ‘Strays’, we were treated with the classics. Perry was in fine form, taking time out to cheekily allude to London’s recent ‘riots’ during ‘Been caught stealing’, Dave masterful as ever, and Steve’s look of joyfulness during his playing of the Steel drums for ‘Jane Says’, summed up the sentiment for all.
Perry’s vocals, understandable waned toward the end, but the relationship between crowd and performers was a symbiotic one – we were more than willing to lend a hand to serenade for the ‘Jane Says’ finale.
I had paid twice the ticket value to see the show, but god was it worth every penny, and as we were all streaming out on to the street the overriding thought that was accompanying the tintinnabulation in my ears was, we had made it!

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