How Music and Media Changed Life's Perspective?

Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 2:48 AM By: LeanDan

Music is form of art, and art may came in several way, it did not just limit itself from painting and colors itself but further more it goes deeper and even beyond the thinking of an individual. For me today, media is covering the entire world since this is the primary platform to get connected to various part of the world.

How will you response about the influence of music and media to ones life and ways of living today? As the innovation spreading continuously, the perspective of human towards life is changing. The needs and wants changes too.

About Me: Expression and art never fails to allow us realized what is happening around us. I choose to write and blog endlessly to share my thought to the people around me. For now I was having my focus in a little research and writing about criminal defense attorney and the cases they take. This topic triggers my interest after hearing a news of a crime in town.

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  1. How Music and Media...

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