Ritual Than Usual

Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 6:23 PM By: Cita82

So here it is, my short story containing each title from Ritual de lo Habitual. This is nonfiction, this just happened, this was fun, this….

Ritual de lo Habitual

I sat on the ground, legs crossed, back straight yet leaned slightly forward, attempting to keep my heart open. In front of me was a panel of 6 women. Speaking to inspire all the eyes looking at them about empowerment, creativity, strength, individuality. The woman all the way to the right was to me such a badass bassist, balanced, respected, and a classic girl. I tried to not make it to obvious, but yes, I’m sure that I had been caught stealing to long of gazes at her.
At the end of the discussion we the audience had the opportunity to approach the panel. I patiently got a place in line to say thank you to this woman I so admired. Then she did, with one person left in front of me to go, she apologized, waved, walked away smiling. She had a schedule to keep. I began to walk away when all of the sudden my eyes filled, my chin and lips quivered. I began to walk faster towards a bathroom stall where I could stop and breathe. Just as fast as I walked back out and took another breathe a wave of insight hit me, no one’s leaving. I was just taught a beautiful lesson of strength. To keep pursuing my gifts. That no, things will not always work out as I hoped but that doesn’t make a situation or stumble a failure. There ain’t no right for me to feel sorry for myself, not unless I wanted to stay treading tears. I smiled a different smile over the next three days of the festival. Of course I knew I had to continue to figure out my dreams, to help and teach others as well.

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