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Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 7:13 PM By: Cita82

Eyes shut, smiling, speaker to my ear...the back of my skull feeling lighter...whoa yeah! Worth the wait...So you can't make this stuff up! I thought I was ready a few days ago, I selected "Buy Song" spinning, spinning, spinning... error... "Insufficient Credit." How beautifully unprepared, I had to chuckle at myself...it wasn't time yet! A few more days to reflect. This mountain, whoa yea, new smiling faces, their tummy aches gone away, pears in the morning, white cloud like tunnels through the evening, kitten carousels, 6AM transparent triangles in the sky followed by quiet visits from a red fox. Finding old friends down dirt roads and more just around my corner, cash in now, found a couple new smiles. I now have the full version of "Mountain Song." Thanks Jane's Addiction...4:05 minutes Got It!!!!!

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