Jubilee Cycle - 1960s / 2010s

Mon, May 21, 2012 at 12:08 AM By: Light Years

Perry Farrell's far-out theory of a Jubilee Cycle occurring every 50 years is right on target. The last Jubilee Cycle happened during the 1960s, which means the time is ripening RIGHT NOW for a massive celebration resulting in equality and utility for all souls involved in the birthday!!

Whoever wants to learn more about the previous Jubilee Cycle of the 1960s can visit carolberge.com/Lightyears.html. The book described on that page, LIGHT YEARS, is an anthology of essays written by almost-famous poets and other artists of the most influential decade of the past century. (You write me at this fan site for a 50% discount on the cover price.) Those with a piqued interest can read the pithy press releases online, which hint at what transpired in the incipient East Village of Manhattan during the years 1960-66.

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