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Live Review: Jane's Addiction — The Ford Amphitheatre, Hollywood Hills

  • "I got a job to do," smiled Jane's Addiction singer Perry Farrell at the beginning of his band's second sold out show at The Ford Amphitheatre in the Hollywood Hills.

    His "job" is saving rock 'n' roll, and he and his cohorts still do it better than anybody. Under a hazy night sky nestled in the hills, Jane's Addiction put on a show for the ages complete with lasers, scantily clad dancers, and a whole lot of timeless tunes. The grime and glamor of the City of Angels colored the metallic stomp of opener "Whores". Instantly, these four musicians cast a sonic spell over the audience and the entire city with airtight riffing, primal percussion, a bass throb, and Farrell's uncanny pipes.

    Lasers flashed in tandem with Chris Chaney's four-string rumble during a raucous "Just Because". Farrell slid across the stage with inspiring mojo and uncontainable energy before launching into a divine rendition of "Ain't No Right". Dave Navarro's wild shredding matched the intensity of the laser show as he tore through a fleet-fingered lead that made jaws drop. He sauntered to the edge of the stage and played each note with a palpable passion. As the Ritual de lo Habitual number came to a fiery close, Farrell jested, "That's some L.A. shit. They don't know on the East Coast. They will never know."

    "Ted…Just Admit It" morphed from a psychedelic jam into another tremendous display of Navarro's virtuosity. Farrell shook and shimmied along to Stephen Perkins's crushing beat as the refrain of "Sex is violent" echoed from the Hollywood Hills all the way back to the East Coast—whether or not they get it.
    B After a victorious flood of lights and notes, Farrell smirked, "We'd rather die than fucking suck in L.A."

    He has nothing to worry about as Jane's Addiction stood triumphant for the entire show. It was one of those magical gigs where every element simply worked. On stage, Jane's Addiction display the kind of mystique that's belonged to the likes of Led Zeppelin and few others. However, they're one of a kind.

    Farrell went on, "There's a cat named Jim that said, 'The west is the best'," Navarro kicked into the lilting blues of The Doors' "The End". Quickly, the quartet launched into "Been Caught Stealing" with a roar. The guitarist engaged an entrancing jazz break, and it was a moment emblematic of his versatility.

    The first single from their forthcoming The Great Escape Artist, "End to the Lies" is a new Jane's Addiction classic. Live, the song displayed every element of their genius. It's got Perkins's explosive polyrhythmic pummeling, sexy, slinky bass lines, Navarro's immortal shredding, and Farrell's poetic lyrics and punchy delivery. "Ocean Size" rose and fell like the ultimate wave breaking into another rapturous outro.

    "Have you been up for three days?" Farrell asked. "Three Days" is alternative rock's answer to "Stairway to Heaven". The dancers writhed on the amps toward the back of the stage after emerging from the hills themselves. Farrell rocked the maracas in front Navarro as he maniacally ripped his fret board like Jimi Hendrix by way of James Hetfield. However, "Three Days" emanates a scorching sexual elegance punctuated by Farrell's hyper charged hum. That translated seamlessly into the spacey roller coaster of "Irresistible Force" from The Great Escape Artist.

    "Mountain Song" and "Stop!" climaxed with an explosion of confetti. Then, the whole band took over the forefront of the stage for a hypnotic "Jane Says".

    Towards the end of the set, Farrell declared, "We don't like Led Zeppelin. We LOVE Led Zeppelin. If only they would take us on tour…get to Twitter".

    Navarro strummed the intro to "Gallows Pole" as Farrell channeled Plant. Hopefully, the Twitter takeover is already underway. Either way, Jane's Addiction are doing the job quite impressively.

    Rick Florino


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