My first Jane's Addiction show Rochester Feb 29

Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 8:16 AM

Hi. I grew up listening to Jane's Addiction all the time, but two years ago I was unpacking some of my brothers CDs and found Nothing Shocking. I fell in love with the album and listened to it almost continuously for a month. I like their other albums a lot too and usually have one of them playing while I am driving. I Am at art school in Savannah GA and am taking a long weekend off to fly to Rochester to visit my grandmother who has major health issues and is going into a nursing home next week. This just happened to coincide with Jane's Rochester tour date and I am totally excited to finally see them live. I would love to hear Summertime Rolls because it reminds me about how I lived in Rochester as a kid and spent a lot of the summer swimming in my grandma's pool and running around in the corn fields behind her house. Thats probably far too much information on that, but it would mean a lot to me to hear that song in Rochester while I am up visiting my grandma. I know the website says that the set lists are already fixed, but I thought I would post how much I want to hear this song anyway. Regardless, I am sure it will be a great show and I hope to hear a decent amount of older material.


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    RE: My first Jane's Addiction show Rochester Feb 29

    Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 10:14 PM

    That's awesome to hear. I hope you enjoy the show. Although I'm not sure how you couldn't. I have seen Jane's over a dozen times and they never disappoint.

    Summertime Rolls is also a favorite of mine. I love the lyrics. If you get some time I strongly advise you to listen to Ritual through headphones. It is a great experience. Three Days is sure to please. Have a great time at the show and may your grandmother get well.

    All the people i know wanna be left alone
    Some people i don't know
    They want to leave you alone
    I guess you gotta be just be just like them

    That makes me one.....

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