Knowing Rhythm and Blues Music

Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 7:48 PM By: DemyDooper

Rhythm and blues or popularly known as R&B music came from throughout a period of great alternation in the black community. During the time that the blacks settled to a more urbanized places, their type of lifestyle as well as their social status started to change, so did their way of making music. A variety and related types of R&B grew to become famous and also the genre retains a serious effect on the background music industry and society.

The term rhythm and blues was first mentioned in 1949 as coined by Jerry Wexler of Billboard Magazine to explain numerous related styles of music produced by and for the black community, based on the existing information from different references. Within the changing racial climate after the second World War in the US, board advertisements come up with an idea that R&B would be more appropriate title for what is was known which is also referring to the term “ race music”.

R&B or Rhythm and blues includes a number of styles including such as rock n' roll, rap, disco, hip hop and many more that describes the same rhythm as popularized by different singers. Qualities of R&B include soulful singing on the strong backbeat, parallels in rhythm, bands split into a rhythm and horn section, repeating tempos, verses and notes, and frequently complex mixing of instruments.

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