Evolution of Music

Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 7:32 PM By: JemeSumer

The word music derives from a Greek word which means art of muses. But everyone knows that music a form of art that has common element, the rhythm and harmony. Music has two medium, the sound and silence. It is also associated with the word tempo and timbre. Thus, it is part of the worldwide culture that music is the expression of the ideas and emotions of the people. In fact, music is impart and has vital role in their cultures.

Before, the Indian philosophers and Ancient Greek define music as combination of horizontal and vertical tones that create harmonies. In 20th century, John Cage concluded that there is no noise, just a sound. Because of the thought, it creates an idea that "There is no noise, only sound". In today's generation, there were lot of metal rock band that creates sound, a likely sound that indeed consider as music of youth. There might be changes, because the lyrics might sound rebellious but still this kind of music are expression of the artist.

The music may evolve in many different ways. The tember, note but still there is harmony.

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Jeme Sumer is a writer that loves to express her idea through writing. Aside from taking down her emotions in a piece of paper, she is also fun of collecting her pet dog collars.

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