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Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 7:15 PM By: Cita82

I remember clearly, The sun was shining, through a warm large window, the kind of window you could sit next to all day. The birds will sing, the bugs will crawl, the spiders would run. I could still smell the exsaust of the school bus on my clothes and my Brother laughed hystracalallly, spinning in my Grandma's recliner chair that sat right at the front door. The television was given to my Grandmonther by my Uncle, a nice one, Large that sat on the floor, oak, "Been Caught Stealin,' was on, I laughed too!. It is those moments in life when you can remember that same buzz, to remember, how, wow, that it's okay, to know perhaps you might be pretty close to where you supposed to be???

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